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For Bulgarian companies

In addition to core services for members, BAATPE offers the following services to all companies in the industry:

Individual Business Consulting 

BAATPE maintains a broad network of consultants from several functional areas who are available to assist apparel and textile companies with their specific business needs. Whatever your particular business challenge, BAATPE can identify a consultant who is the right fit for you.

Training Seminars

Each month, BAATPE organizes and hosts training seminars aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Bulgarian firms through skill development and continuing education.  Training themes are targeted at specific needs of the industry, such as production for small orders, cost accounting, supply chain management and online marketing for SMEs.  Unlike many professional training seminars that are broad-based, theoretical and unengaging, we strive to offer targeted trainings that are practical in nature, delivering to participants hands-on tools that they can immediately implement in their businesses.

Grant financing assistance

In the current economic environment in Bulgaria, there are several grant opportunities, particularly for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), designed to increase firm competitiveness in preparation for Bulgaria's entry in the European Union.  BAATPE staff maintains and active list of grants offered to qualified companies in the industry.  Our services in this area range from advising companies on which grants they qualify for to full preparation and submission of grant applications.  

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